Financing of Real-Time Economy project

The costs of the Real-Time Economy Project will be paid with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment item 32.01.10. The project is included in the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland and is part of the project package funded by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

The condition for RRF funding is that the set targets are met

The RRF target for the Real-Time Economy Project is to implement the smallest functional digital economy ecosystem. The target is divided into two different maturity levels. The first phase will be an e-invoicing ecosystem in 2022, which will serve as the basis for a wider digital economy ecosystem. By the end of 2024, in addition to e-invoices, procurement messages and e-receipts must move in the ecosystem.

RRF milestone achieved

In 2022, the RRF milestone “Digital economy – Real-Time Economy (RTE) programme, Minimum viable ecosystem is created and operational” was set. This involves measure FI-C[P2C2]-I[I1]-M[61] in the operational arrangements signed by the European Commission and Finland. The description of the e-invoicing ecosystem shows that the RRF milestone has been achieved, and an external, independent auditor has confirmed this.

Read the description of the e-invoicing ecosystem (pdf, in Finnish)

, Updated 29.2.2024 at 13:02