Co-Nordic experiments

The Nordic Smart Government and Business program (NSG&B) has implemented and is implementing numerous experiments that cross the borders of the Nordic countries. Their purpose is to verify how it is possible to facilitate business in the Nordic market area with the help of electronic business documents and open interfaces.

On this page, we have compiled implemented and ongoing NSG&B experiments.

  • The ViDA experiment

    On 8 December 2022, the European Commission proposed several measures to modernize and improve the functionality of the EU VAT system. The abbreviation ViDA comes from the words VAT in the Digital Age.

    In the co-Nordic experiment, the use of existing VAT data in a standard format online invoice, which is sent via the Peppol network for reporting and quality control, is investigated. This aims to clarify and ensure the correct use of VAT codes and rates in transactions, in order to improve the quality of both cross-border and domestic VAT codes and rates.

    The work is based on Peppol network standards and transactions between all Nordic countries.

    The purpose of the experiment is to verify the European Commission’s one-time principle, where VAT registration in any EU country would simultaneously cover the entire EU area and reporting would be handled through one portal for all countries.

    The experiment aims to ensure that:

    • The same information that is sent on the seller’s invoice can be reused to report VAT to the national tax authority
    • The same information provided on the buyer’s invoice can be used again to report VAT to the national tax authority
    • The tax authority can use the information to reduce the incorrect use of VAT by national SMEs with the help of information based on UNSPSC classification and analyzes of VAT codes and rates.

    NSG&B’s news about the ViDA experiment

  • Establishing a company in another Nordic country

    NSG&B, the Real Time Economy project Finland, Virtual Finland and IOXIO carried out an experiment that explored the possibility of establishing a company in another Nordic country digitally. Trade register and tax authorities from Finland, Sweden and Norway participated in the experiment. The experiment showed that there are no big differences between the Nordic countries in the processes of starting a company. The key digital company information was standardized in a format where the authorities of different countries can use it.

    Final report of the experiment (pdf, not accessible)

    NSG&B article about the experiment

  • Nordic API Gateway

    The experiment tests an interface solution that system suppliers and service providers can integrate into their systems and services. The aim is to enable companies to search for business partners across borders and obtain verified registration information.

    PoC offers access to Norwegian company register data and to Finnish company data provided through the open interface of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. In the near future, information from other Nordic countries would also be available through the national interface.

    NSG&B’s article on Nordic API Gateway

  • eReceipt experiment 2

    eReceipt supports the electronic exchange of credit card transactions and other invoice attachments. The process of NSG&B’s second eReceipt experiment includes sending the eReceipt from the supplier to the customer and receiving and processing the receipt on the customer side.

    Read the article and sign up for the experiment

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