MiniSuomi as the trial platform

MiniSuomi is an open joint development platform, established to enable agile and flexible trials in public administration development projects and in public-private cooperation. That is why we aim to also implement our trials in the Real-Time Economy project using the MiniSuomi platform.

MiniSuomi is also a way to carry out joint agile development work between public administration and private sector actors on a specific topic or problem – at the most concrete level, as early as possible. The trials can be used to produce, for example, models that allow for the services offered to companies to be better targeted, easier to use and optimally automated.

Technical trials carried out in MiniSuomi can also be used by other actors and will remain on the platform for everyone’s common use. This way, lessons learned, data models or interface specifications produced in the trials during the project remain available after the project, as well.

MiniSuomi runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

, Updated 6.2.2024 at 15:01