Customer interviews and surveys

Customer interviews and surveys are part of the joint development of the Real-Time Economy project. We conduct customer interviews on various topics and have recruited interviewees through an open search.

Topics of the interviews and surveys

  • Survey on the daily life of accountants and in-house financial professionals
  • Survey: How digital is your company now and how would you like to develop?
  • Discussion invitation for accounting firms and financial administration professionals
  • Interview about your company’s financial management
  • Training needs on Peppol procurement messages
  • The possibilities of financial data conversion and distribution services
  • Procurement message and e-invoicing portal usage needs of small businesses
  • Survey for financial management system vendors about the standard way of presenting accounting data
  • Business needs and attitude toward digital financial statements
  • Challenges and opportunities related to transaction management in large companies
  • Customer interviews on everyday life in financial administration
  • Consent of businesses to the use of their financial data.

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