Ongoing experiments

On this page, we collect the ongoing experiments of the Real Time Economy Project.

When the experiment has ended, we will report on its results and move its description to the conducted experiments page.

  • Simplified reporting by means of a long profit and loss statement

    In the experiment, we want to verify how the so-called long profit and loss statement presented at the level of general ledger accounts would serve the needs of various authorities and other information users. The focus of the experiment is the study of the information needed for income tax reporting and statistics. The standardization of the information content is based on the content of the Liikekirjuri account chart.

    Another starting point in the experiment is a standard way of presenting information, which would enable its automated utilization in different systems. This experiment tests the XBRL GL specification as a file format.


    Two system providers, Accountor Finago Oy and Mediamaestro Oy, have been elected to conduct the experiment. Kirjurituote will be the collaborating partner. The standardization of the information content is based on their Liikekirjuri™-account chart .


    November/December 2022 January 2023. The experiment will continue with the examination of real data, i.e. materials from real companies.


    • to show that the so-called “long result and balance sheet” standardized in terms of quantity and information content is sufficient to cover various official reports (e.g. income tax return information)
    • to verify that the account scheme used by customers works on the basis of official reporting
    • to make sure that customers have the ability to produce possible necessary mappings between account schemes if there is a deviation from the standard account scheme
    • to make sure that the software houses are able to produce the data out of the system in a shared format
    • to understand how well the configurations being tested work in practice, and how much work the proposed procedure causes for client companies and software houses, and correspondingly how much benefit can be achieved from it.

    Experimental work in practice

    Ledger balances are produced in XBRL GL format according to the example file. The material is synthetic data and the experimental platform is MiniSuomi. Synthetic material is completely artificial, it is not based on real data.

    In the first phase of the experiment, synthetic data was produced, which is openly available in the MiniSuomi service. In the second phase of the experiment, it is also intended to produce datasets of real companies that the agencies can examine internally.

    Further information: elina.koskentalo(at)

  • Use of e-receipt information

    Combining card purchase receipts with card invoices in the purchase invoice system.

    In the experiment, a model report is also created for those purchase lines with card invoices for which eReceipts have not been received. This makes it easier to check the card invoice in the purchase invoice system.


    Police of Finland, Valvira and State Treasury


    December 2022

    Further information: pirjo.ilola(at)

  • Use of the business wallet concept in business operations

    A joint experiment by Norway, Sweden and Finland in the MiniSuomi environment. With the help of test data, we test what a digital business wallet can be suitable for and how it can be used.


    Brönnöysundregistrene (NO)
    Bolagsverket (SE)
    Realtime Economy project (FI)
    Ministry of Finance (FI)


    The scheme is linked to the EUDI wallet consortium pilot.

    A Proof-of-Concept (PoC) has been implemented in early December 2022

    • How can a Swedish company request basic information from a Finnish company and vice versa
    • Where the information is located and who should hand it over
    • Functional use cases, demonstrations of the technical solution and presentation of the results
    Further information: mikael.afhallstrom(at)

  • eAddress experiment in digital wallet and trust networks

    The company’s digital identity, wallets and other new technologies must be tried out in order to gain real experiences of using them to support decision-making.

    In the joint process workshops, the use cases that will be worked on in the technical experiment are defined and selected together with the stakeholders.

    The technical experiment is carried out in the MiniSuomi environment. The technical implementation of a wallet and trust network will be created in MiniSuomi, where together with stakeholders, the identity of companies in using eReceipts, procurement notices and other digital documents will be tested.


    OP, Visma, Posti Messaging, Tieke, Tietoevry, CGI, Nordea, DVV, Finanssiala ry, Nexigroup, ReceiptHero, Kuntaliitto, Kesko, Danske Bank, Trafore, Finnish Tax Administration and State Treasury.


    Workshops and the first phase: November-December 2022. You can still join the next phase in January 2023.

    More information: esko.kaarlonen (at)

  • Establishing a company in another country

    In the first phase, the subject of the experiment is the establishment of a company in another country with existing structures and mechanisms without digital business wallets.
    Use cases:
    a) a person establishes a company in another country
    b) the limited company establishes a subsidiary in another country
    The experimental platform is MiniSuomi.

    The experiment is part of the Nordic collaboration.


    Nordic Smart Government and Business (owner), Virtual Finland (finances and lead), Projektet Företagets digitala ekonomi (follow-up and learnings).


    December 2022 –

    Further information: tapani.makela(at)

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