Things that are outside the scope of the Real-Time Economy project

The aim of the project is to promote the digitalisation of companies and facilitate the transfer of electronic documents (financial statements, procurement messages, e-invoices and eReceipts) and day-to-day management of companies. Digitalisation of other business documents is outside the scope of the project.

The project aims to promote extensive use of e-invoicing so that one-time invoicing would also become available to consumers. Encouraging consumers to make more use of e-invoicing or creating prerequisites for this is outside the scope of the project. Even though promoting e-invoicing among consumers is outside the scope of the project, finding technical solutions for the introduction of one-time e-invoicing is one of the project aims.

The goal of the project is to create an ecosystem where the financial data of businesses moves according to definition between the actors of the ecosystem. No interfaces or other software will be built for private actors in the project. No funding for them will be granted from the project (with the exception of separately agreed pilots).

As a general rule, the project does not build new technology. The aim is to use and develop existing and emerging technological solutions in cooperation with private actors.

The project creates a functional definition for digital business identity and a digital business wallet compatible with the eIDAS2 regulation. The work related to the digital identity and wallet solutions in the project focuses on legal entities, not natural persons. 

, Updated 14.6.2023 at 13:44