Goals are processed in teams

The ambitious goals of the Real-Time Economy project are processed by about 80 persons in five different government agencies in cooperation with companies and other stakeholders. The real-time economy is built in teams, while at the same time, the goals are also discussed in groups cross-cutting the project. Project teams and groups regularly review both internal and external dependencies of their work.

Dissemination and reporting of information

The team is led by Satu Tuori. Responsibilities of the team include taxonomies, digital financial statements, access to data, data conversion and distribution services, reporting on agriculture and forestry, and XBRL and XBRL-GL interface development.


Ecosystem development

The team is led by Jenni Väisänen. The team is responsible for co-creation, bringing customer insight into the project, and enterprise architecture. The team is supported by a network connecting all project teams.



The team is led by Antti Vartiainen. The team is responsible for interoperable enterprise architecture, which combines principle-level specifications and the perspectives of customer, function, information, system and technology.


Born digital

The team is led by Piia Hanhirova and Essi Kaukonen. The team’s main goal is to promote eIDAS2-compatible company digital identity. The team’s tasks include clarifying company identification and the use of digital wallets in the ecosystem.


Purchase to pay

The team is led by Keijo Kettunen. The team is responsible for the development of procurement messages, e-invoices and digital receipts and the implementation of the international PEPPOL standard in Finland.


Security and risk management

The team is led by Merja Aarnivuo-Seppinen. The team coordinates  security and risk management and ensures that they can be implemented in a consistent manner. Security and risk management  comprises security, information security, data protection, risk management and preparedness.

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