Goals are processed in teams

The goals of the Real-Time Economy project are worked on by about 85 persons from five different government agencies, in close cooperation with businesses, software vendors and other stakeholders. The goals are promoted in teams. The teams regularly review mutual internal and external dependencies.

Dissemination and reporting of information

The team lead is Satu Tuori. The team’s tasks include describing the management model for information dissemination and reporting, developing financial reporting standards, investigation work for data conversion and distribution service, digital financial statement development, consent management service development, and iXBRL and XBRL-GL interface development. In addition, the team explores solution options for how the company’s reporting to different authorities could be handled more easily.

Interoperating cogwheelsEcosystem development

The team lead is Jenni Väisänen. The main goal of the team is to create a foundation for interoperable digital business economy and to form the necessary ecosystem strategy and management model to support the management and development of the ecosystem. The joint development carried out in the project is supervised by Johanna Kotipelto, the customer understanding work by Eevi Saarikoski and the overall architecture work by Antti Vartiainen.

Born digital

The team leads are Piia Hanhirova and Essi Kaukonen. The team’s main goal is to promote the implementation of an eIDAS-compatible digital business identity. The team’s tasks include finding out the company’s needs for digital identity at different stages of the company’s life cycle, as well as identifying the possibilities of using digital wallets in the ecosystem and the threshold conditions for implementing a digital wallet.

From procurement to payment

The team lead is Keijo Kettunen. The team is responsible for the development of procurement messages, e-invoices and eReceipts and the implementation of the international PEPPOL standard in Finland.


Security and risk management

The team lead is Janne Kastepohja. The team coordinates security and risk management and takes care of the consistency of their implementation. The sub-areas of the team’s activities are: security and information security, data protection, risk management and preparedness.

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