NSG&B webinar series: How does Norway ease starting a business

08.10.2024 08.10.2024
14:00 15:00
Organizer: Nordic Smart Government and Business Program
Location: Teams

Making life easier for Nordic SMEs – Norway as a test bed for the Nordic Business Region!

By sharing business events and data digitally, we can enable new interaction patterns where “things just happen”. Instead of SMEs having to search the rules and regulations that applies to them, the public sector can respond to their business events, e.g. starting a company, and meet them with in their own systems when needed. When additional information about the company and its activity is need, new mechanisms for automated and/or consent-based data sharing allows reuse of existing company information.

Nordic Smart Government & Business (NSG&B) have implemented parts of these new processes in a Norwegian experimentation and will now show how this makes life easier for an entrepreneur starting a business.

During the webinar we will present and discuss:

  • Overall concept
  • The Tax Administrations new VAT-registration process
  • Oslo Municipalities new process for getting the required permits
  • How private parties can provide the user experience for public services in their systems
  • Presentation of how we can use public infrastructure (In Norway AltInn Dialogporten and AltInn Events) to facilitate the interaction in the ecosystem
  • The role of eIDAS digital wallets in the process

The meeting will be held digitally via Teams. A link to the webinar will be sent to the email you enter when you register. If you lose the email or the link to the meeting, just sign up once again and you’ll receive a new email with the meeting link.