NSG&B webinar: prepare for VAT guidelines and refunds

22.10.2024 22.10.2024
11:00 11:45
Organizer: Nordic Smart Government and Business Program
Location: Teams

VAT-guidelines and VAT-refund – prepare for the future and get it right direct from the start

This webinar is about getting prepared for what might come.

The VAT-guidelines suggests a more precise and accurate use of VAT-codes in the future and demonstrates how Peppol-documents and a more precise use of VAT adds value to the Nordic SMEs.

Transaction based VAT refund application may come in the future based on a standard format via an open standardized network. Reuse of data from digital invoices and eReceipts gives a more efficient processes for sellers and buyers.

During the webinar we will present and discuss:

  • The work done to digitalize the VAT refund process
  • The benefits it will bring to Nordic SMEs as buyers of various goods in another Nordic country
  • The VAT-guidelines, which has been designed to increase the quality in VAT codes and rates of both domestic and cross border transaction of eDocuments.

The meeting will be held digitally via Teams. A link to the webinar will be sent to the email you enter when you register. If you lose the email or the link to the meeting, just sign up once again and you’ll receive a new email with the meeting link.