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The cost and impact survey of procurement messages and the eReceipt has been sent to selected municipalities and companies

The State Treasury and Kuntaliitto carry out a cost and impact survey on the use of procurement messages and eReceipts. The survey is part of the company’s digitalous project. Municipalities and companies have been selected for the survey with the aim of obtaining the widest possible sample of operators of different sizes and with different degrees of digitalisation.

Responding to the survey is worthwhile, because the respondent gets to know the benefits of commissioning the eReceipt and procurement messages in their own organisation. With the digitalisation of procurement, the reliability of information is improved, as errors in manual processing are reduced. In addition, cost savings are achieved with electronic procurement. Finland is also transitioning to the Peppol model,, i.e., to the European network for sending electronic documents by 2030. The state will require Peppol-based procurement messages from its suppliers for both sending and receiving as of 1 April 2024.

The results of procurement messages and eReceipt cost and impact report will be reported to the respondents, and news about them will also be posted on the project website.

Inquiries regarding the survey:

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