24/7 Always available

Companies must produce and access economic monitoring, analysis and forecasting data more quickly than ever before. In a digital economy, information moves between systems all the time, regardless of opening, business or office hours.

  • Structured machine-readable information moves between systems and services in real time and without manual work.
  • When the process only involves a minimum amount of manual work, the potential for human error is also minimised. There gap between checks and corrections is eliminated.
  • When trusted partners share data across interfaces, the data is available to both parties at the same time. Status meetings can focus on developing cooperation instead of coordinating trade information.
  • Vouchers are entered in the right bookkeeping accounts in real time and staff members do not need to scan the receipts or save invoices in the right files. Purchase data and thus also the overall view of purchases are always up to date.
  • Reliability of delivery is also enhanced when trade information flows seamlessly between the customer and the seller. Financial information can be made available to resource management, enterprise resource planning system, purchasing, logistics and product designers.

When necessary, information can also be relayed to government agencies in real time.

, Updated 11.3.2022 at 14:01