The solutions are jointly developed by companies and public sector actors

All companies, stakeholders and public administration organisations interested in the development of the digital economy can take part in the planning of the changes.

It is easier to remove the obstacles when they are jointly identified. When companies (both service users and service providers) and public administration organisations are developing services and interfaces needed in the digital economy, consideration is given to the views and needs of all actors involved.  The rules and operating methods of the digital economy are also jointly prepared.

Several different co-creation methods are used in the project:

  • workshops
  • webinars
  • pilots
  • MiniSuomi pilots
  • reviews
  • cooperation with stakeholders

The aim is to work with maximum openness so that the concrete needs of companies and entrepreneurs can be understood.

To keep up with the latest developments, follow the project website, Twitter (in Finnish) and LinkedIn (in Finnish).

You can register as a network member at yrityksendigitalous(at)

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