Upcoming RTE-trials

On this page we list upcoming experiments. When the experiment is finished, we will report on their results on the conducted experiment’s subpage.

Simplified reporting by means of a long profit and loss statement

In the experiment, we want to verify how the so-called long profit and loss statement presented at the level of general ledger accounts would serve the needs of various authorities and other information users. The focus of the experiment is the study of the information needed for income tax reporting. In addition, the perspective of statistics and VAT reporting is included. The standardization of the information content is based on the content of the Liikekirjuri account chart.

Another starting point in the experiment is a standard way of presenting information, which would enable its automated utilization in different systems. This experiment tests the XBRL GL specification as a file format.


October-November 2022

Participants and resourcing

We encourage esecially software houses that offer financial administration systems to participate in the experiment. The company can participate in the experiment with the contribution of one or more people. We estimate the amount of work needed for the experiment to be five personal working days. Participating companies are compensated based on their own invoicing price list. The maximum compensation is 5,000 euros + VAT.


  • to show that the so-called “long result and balance sheet” standardized in terms of quantity and information content is sufficient to cover various official reports (e.g. income tax return information)
  • to verify that the account scheme used by customers works on the basis of official reporting
  • to make sure that customers have the ability to produce possible necessary mappings between account schemes if there is a deviation from the standard account scheme
  • to make sure that the software houses are able to produce the data out of the system in a shared format
  • to understand how well the configurations being tested work in practice, and how much work the proposed procedure causes for client companies and software houses, and correspondingly how much benefit can be achieved from it.

Experimental work in practice

  • Generating general ledger account balances in XBRL GL format according to the example file
  • Options for account schemes
    • Liikekirjuri account scheme
    • Own account scheme
      • In this case, information on the corresponding account of Liikekirjuri account scheme is also required
  • The test data or real data of the participating organization is used as the data
    • If test data is used, the test platform is MiniSuomi.

Elina Koskentalo of Arccos Consulting Oy is responsible for the design and implementation of the experiment. There is an open application for the experiment. Those accepted will receive more detailed guidance on how to work, and participants can start working as soon as the agreement on participation is made.

The project’s experiments office, run by Motiva Oy, is responsible for the experiment’s administrative tasks.

More information about the experiment: elina.koskentalo(at)arccos.fi.

The application for the experiment ended 31 October 2022.

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