The rules of the game for co-development

In the RTE Project, methods of co-development include experiments, customer interviews and testing. The project’s ecosystem development team coordinates co-development between the project and companies and other stakeholders. Co-development is supported by an experimental office run by Motiva Oy on behalf of the project.

The communication channels for experiments and co-development are primarily the project website and the project’s social media accounts. Depending on the object, goal and method of joint development, we look for partners either through an open search or through targeted recruitment.

Experiments and Proof of Concept implementations

Experiment partners are compensated for participating in the experiment. The project evaluates the maximum compensation of the experiment in accordance with the planned implementation. The experiment partner invoices for participation based on the actual working time according to its own price list. In principle, technical infrastructure costs are not reimbursed.

The experiment partner makes an agreement on participation with Motiva, which coordinates the trial office.

Customer interviews and testing

We interview customers to gather an understanding of customer experiences and insights.

A participation fee may be paid for interviews and testing

  • For small sole proprietors and micro-entrepreneurs
  • For an employee of a partner or stakeholder group, if we are looking for interviewees through an open search.

Unlike other co-development, the Tax Administration pays compensation as a reward to the participating person. The remuneration paid as work compensation is taxable income. The amount of the remuneration is 30 e/30 min and 50 e/60 min.

If the person participates in the interview or testing as the employer’s representative, the participation compensation is not paid. Participating in the interview is then also such cooperation that benefits the employer.

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