Rules of joint development

The Real-Time Economy ecosystem is built through joint development. To build a seamless and interoperable economy, customer-oriented joint development is needed with the various parties operating in the ecosystem. Some of the most important joint development methods are trials and customer interviews.

Depending on the object, goal and method of joint development, we look for partners either through an open search or through targeted contacts.

Trials are identified from the project goals and the use cases identified in them. In addition, we are looking for ideas for trials in joint development workshops and through the Webropol form on the Apply to join or suggest an experiment page. In addition, the work done on customer understanding in the project creates a basis for trials and builds an overall picture. As a general rule, MiniSuomi is used as the test platform.

All parties interested in real-time economy in the digital economy ecosystem are welcome to our trials. Our trials already include software vendors, operators and public sector operators as well as customer companies using their services.

Interested? Read more about trials for which partners are currently being sought. Read about implemented or ongoing trials.

Trials and proof-of-concept implementations

Trial partners are paid compensation for participating in the trial. The project assesses the maximum compensation for the trial according to the planned implementation. The trial partner invoices for the participation based on the actual working time according to its own pricelist. As a general rule, technical infrastructure costs are not reimbursed.

The trial partner will conclude an agreement on participation with Motiva, which coordinates the trial office.

Customer interviews and tests

We interview customers to gather an understanding of customer experiences and insights.

A participation fee may be paid for interviews and testing

  • to small sole entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs
  • to an employee of a partner or stakeholder group, if we are looking for interviewees through an open search.

Unlike in other joint development, the Tax Administration pays compensation as a fee to the participating person. Fees paid as work compensation are taxable income. The amount of the fee is €30/30 min and €50/60 min.

If a person participates in the interview or testing as the employer’s representative, participation compensation is not paid. In this case, participating in the interview is cooperation that also benefits the employer.

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