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The Realtime Economy Project aims to get quick results through experiments, among other things.

Would you like to participate in an experiment or suggest one that promotes interoperable digitalization of financial administration?

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According to the establishment decision, the goal of the project is

  • to promote the digitalization of companies by facilitating the generation and automatic transfer of electronic financial administration documents between systems and the management of company finances
  • to create the basis for an ecosystem that enables the automatic transfer of financial data and the production of services that support it
  • to primarily promote the emergence of market-based solutions and the construction of an infrastructure to enable seamless, real-time and secure automatic transfer of data
  • to enable the establishment and operation of a company digitally and create a digital identity for the company.

If your experiment proposal is related to one of the main goals of the project, continue to the Webropol form (in Finnish), where you can specify your proposal.

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  • Data transfer and utilization of online invoices

    The experiment tests the technical communication of online invoices via the interface from the operator to data users. It is essential that the material can be transformed into a structured form, in which case it can be used better in statistics and automatically assigned to the VAT return.

    Another issue to be clarified in the experiment is whether the State Treasury can act as a data collector and intermediary for different agencies, for example Statistics Finland or the Tax Administration, in accordance with their rights to access information.

    We are looking for software houses to join the experiment.

    Learn more about the description of the experiment.

  • Producing financial statement information in digital format

    The experiment will find out how financial administration software suppliers could produce financial statements in a digital, i.e. structured, format and transfer the information to the Patent and Registration Office (PRH) via the interface. In the experiment, the content of the entire financial statement, profit and loss statements and annexes and other information will be produced in inline XBRL format.

    In the experiment, we also want to understand how companies are able to produce annexes and how extensively their contents should be produced in digital format, as well as how the information can be utilized. In addition, we want to investigate more widely the effects of introducing inline XBRL reporting.


    PRH, Statistics Finland. For the duration of the experiment, March-August 2023, financial administration software houses are being sought as partners.

    For the success of the experiment, it is important that the software houses that sign up are registered in the EU region, have operations in Finland and have Finnish accounting firms or companies as clients, and as far as possible automated reporting in terms of profit and loss statements. It is hoped that the partners in the experiment will have a broad customer understanding and the opportunity to scale lessons learned in their own operations as appropriate. The software company should not already have the capability for inline XBRL reporting.

    Sign up for the experiment Producing financial statement information in digital format  by the 5. April 2023 (only in Finnish). Add the name of the experiment after your contact information under “Name of the experiment you are applying for or description of your own experiment proposal”.


    March-August 2023

    More information about the experiment:
    Juho Mäkinen, PRH, juho.makinen(at)
    Elina Koskentalo, Arccos Consulting Oy, elina.koskentalo(at)

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