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he Real-Time Economy project seeks quick results through experiments, among other things.

Would you like to join a trial? Read about the open experiments below and sign up. You can also propose a trial that promotes interoperable digitalisation for the project.

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According to the decision to set up the project, our goal is to

  • promote the digitalisation of businesses by facilitating the generation and automated transfer of electronic financial administration documents between systems and the management of corporate finances
  • create a basis for an ecosystem that enables the automated transfer of financial data and the production of services that support it
  • promote primarily the creation of market-based solutions and an infrastructure to enable seamless, real-time and secure automated transfer of data
  • enable the establishment and operation of a company digitally and create a digital identity for the company.

Decision to set up the project (PDF, MEE document in Finnish, partly accessible).

If your trial proposal is related to one of the main goals of the project, proceed to the Webropol form, where you can specify your proposal further.

Also subscribe to the Trials and joint development newsletter. We will directly notify those who have subscribed to it when we are looking for participants for starting trials and when we organise, for example, joint development workshops.

Learn more about experiments open to applications

There are currently no experiments open to applications.

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