Digital economy also brings benefits to consumers

Even though the focus in the Real-Time Economy project is on transactions between organisations, private consumers will also benefit from its results. For example, one-time e-invoices and digital receipts make it easier for consumers to manage their finances.

  • You can pay e-invoices anywhere anytime.
  • E-invoices are reliable and they cannot be tampered with.
  • Digital means of payment, such as mobile payment, make everyday life easier.
  • You can monitor your finances more easily when all receipts are entered electronically in a single system where you can monitor your purchases and finances.
  • Receipts are safe and they
  • remain legible.
  • Digital receipts and other documents required for such purposes as taxation can be quickly sent to relevant government agencies in electronic format.
  • E-invoices and digital receipts help to reduce paper consumption and they are the right choice for responsible consumers.

One-time e-invoicing is making progress

Until now, an invoicer has always sent its first invoice to a consumer customer in paper form, but electronic one-time invoicing has now also been piloted in the Real-Time Economy project. The pilot was launched because at the moment, consumers cannot receive one-time invoices in electronic format even if they wanted to. Nearly all consumers are probably familiar with e-invoice as a name and a service. It is an easy-to-use service incorporated into recurring invoicing. When you are paying the first invoice, just remember to ask the invoicer to send all future invoices directly to your online bank.

In a pilot carried out in the project in January 2022, one-time e-invoices were successfully transmitted to a consumer.

, Updated 3.1.2023 at 12:08